One of the most important skills in business today is innovation. Staying competitive involves using the number one asset we all have - our minds. Innovate Faster can train you and your staff how to unleash your staff's creativity which leads to innovation. We can help your organization resolve challenges and accomplish goals using a proven method and various tools. Innovate Faster offers services in training, facilitation and consulting.

  • Training

    Innovate Faster provides training solutions that helps accelerate your teams creativity. Mel Rhodes work on creativity indicated that there are 4P's of creativity - person, process, product, press (environment). Innovate Faster offers training courses on the creative person, a proven creative process and how to establish an environment that promotes creativity. Training to enhance teamwork, managing change, customer service, leadership skills, and so much more is also available.

  • Consulting

    There are over 60 years of research backing the field of creativity and innovation. Innovate Faster uses that research in all of our services. Additionally, we also have over a decade of experience in the Learning & Development field. Our consulting services include creating new training programs, organizational development/change management and creative consulting.

  • Facilitation

    If your company is in the midst of a challenge or wants to accomplish a goal and would like a guide to help determine where you are in the creative problem solving process, Innovate Faster can help. Our facilitation and consulting services can help determine where you are in the creative process as well as determine what tools would be most effective for your team's success.